Borrower Testimonials

Learn what borrowers had to say about obtaining a hard money loan from Forrest Financial Group. Several testimonials appear below.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Chuck as our lender on several deals. He not only is professional in his demeanor, but shows a sincere interest in the rejuvenation of Denver neighborhoods and the production of quality work. He takes pride is his relationships with real estate investors and is constantly sending referrals to help expand our business presence as well. He does business with integrity, follows through with his commitments, and is timely with his decisions. We appreciate his contribution to our business.

- Jessica K.

Chuck came highly recommended and has been wonderful to work with. His fast response time and great communication makes the purchasing of properties a very quick and smooth process. He is very understanding and willing to help in any way possible, and I hope to continue working with Chuck long into the future.

- Nathan M.

Thank you VERY much.  It has been my pleasure to do business with you.  I appreciate your faith in me AND your integrity at the end of our transaction.  Your involvement was absolutely crucial in the continuation of our startup.

- Paul A.

I contacted Chuck through a mutual client and proposed a cash out refi on a property that we had acquired and cleaned out with some basic value added by new roof and HVAC units.  We needed cash out to further other projects that we had in process.  Chuck asked "When do you need the money?".  I told him that we would like to close in 5 days.  He said he would drive up and meet me at the property that next morning.  The meeting was on time, his previous lending experience was invaluable in being able to review what we purchased, the value added and he was satisfied with where we were going with the property.  Closed on the 5th day.  Property is now under contract with a substantial profit anticipated upon closing.

- Duke M.

Good day Chuck.  Thank you for your honesty in correcting the title company's oversight.  I especially wanted to take a moment to thank you for investing in me and my project.  It half killed me, but it was exactly the lift that I needed to get my retirement goals off the ground.

- Daniel B.

Having worked with other lenders Chuck has been a breath of fresh air. He is extremely responsive, thorough, and fair. I look forward to working with Chuck on many more projects in the future and highly recommend him for your lending needs.

- Julie S.

Forrest Financial is a terrific partner in our real estate deals. It is a great pleasure to work with people who understand the business, as well as our needs. Chuck has been very responsive and "on top" of every aspect of our projects. We look forward to many more deals together.

- Kendra & Dan O.

I am a long-time real estate investor and fix and flipper. When I find just the right deal, I need to act fast or I will lose it.  This is where Chuck and Forrest Financial shine. As long as you provide all the proper documentation and have estimated your after repair value correctly, they can fund your deal quickly.  I really enjoy working with Chuck and highly recommend him and Forrest Financial.

- Ross K.

Chuck was right there when we needed him. He proved to be honest and fair at every turn. We would recommend him to anyone with a financial need.

- Sharon P.

We tried other lenders that indicated they would have no problem completing a refi for our investment property, given our credit situation.  In each case it was a waste of time and money.  In an environment where banks do not lend, it was such a relief to find Forrest Financial.  Chuck is fair, efficient, and knowledgeable. He explained the hard money process to us and was available whenever questions came up.  The transaction was smooth and fast, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Kim & Cheryl S.

We have worked with Chuck on several deals and had a great experience. He is a really sharp guy, quick to respond, and fair in his evaluations.

- Ian & Morgan B.

I am very pleased to be a repeat client of Forrest Financial Group. On my last investment, the seller wanted to close before year end. Due to the rapid and flexible nature of Forrest Financial, I was able to close in under 2 weeks, during the holidays, at a deep discount to intrinsic value. I had an extreme advantage over a competitor who was working with a conventional lender. I consider Forrest Financial Group a business partner and can confidently recommend their services.

- Mike N.

I have worked with Forrest Financial Group on two separate occasions. Both times, Chuck was fast, efficient and easy to work with. Everything went smoothly - no problems! Once you work with Chuck, you'll never need to look for anyone else.

- Barb M.

I  began working with Chuck three years ago. We have done over a dozen loans in this time.  I had heard horrible stories regarding "hard money" lenders.  My experiences could not be any better.  Chuck is honest, fair, caring, efficient and wise.  After thirty years in the business, he has become my secret weapon. This relationship has made me a more capable Realtor and investor.  He just really gets it!

- Rexanne K.

Dealing with Forrest Financial Group was personal and professional.  Chuck took a personal interest in our project and our success.  The process was smooth and streamlined.  Best of all, his rates were very competitive.  I would highly recommend Chuck and Forrest Financial Group for your next property.

- Scott H.

I have done a few deals with Forrest Financial Group, and I will say that out of all the private lenders that I work with Chuck is one of the fastest to get all of the docs lined up and close the loan. If you have a good deal and need some quick funding at a reasonable rate, he's the first guy to call.

- Alex H.

I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. Right from the start you told me what to expect, the time table for the process and the expenses involved. Your professionalism and follow up was like nothing I have ever experienced with any other type of loan company. We closed on time without a hitch and everything was just as you said it would be. In short, it was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to working together on my next project.

- Greg P.

As a small real estate investor, I sometimes need short-term financing to allow me time to arrange permanent financing on properties I want to hold for the long term. Forrest Financial Group provides this in an efficient and easy framework.

- Colin U.

Your organization and professionalism made everything move along so smoothly, and I thank you for loaning me the money in the first place.  I will definitely keep in touch, I hope we can do business again soon.

- Mark W.

Chuck and Forrest Financial Group have been the perfect trifecta for us:  (1)  fast & responsive,  (2) rational pricing,  (3) and solid, trustworthy people who are good to their word - and getting the cash to closing on time.  In our twelve years of buying/renovating/selling homes in metro Denver they are the best "soft hard" money lender we have done business with.

- Jason B.

For serious real estate investors, Chuck is an indispensable business partner. If you need creative financing for your real estate project, look no further. Chuck understands how investors work, is flexible and creative in structuring the financing and closes deals in very short time-frame (few days!). When that once-in-a-life-time deal comes along and you need to finance it NOW, Chuck will get it done!

- Paul J.

We were introduced to Chuck by a mutual friend.  Chuck is very professional and did his due diligence on what he would be lending on.  After a quick tour of the community and potential unit he would be financing, he was on board and made the process very easy and straightforward.  He met all deadlines and is easy to get in touch with when necessary.

- Scott and Amy G.

I met Chuck through a referral when I was in a time pinch. He was very professional & friendly and was able to close our deal within 10 days as well as beat the fees from my previous lender. I highly recommend Chuck and Forrest Financial.

- Justin J.